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Timothy Keating I have recently had the pleasure of connecting with Austin and attending several of his networking events. In the short time that I have known him we have exhanged several valuauble connections. He is truly deidcated to improving the network capabilities within the Phoenix market. Anyone that desires to expand their professional network would be remiss if they do not seek his expertise. 

Tuesday's 6PM -9PM at Scottsdale Fashion Square

What To Expect At Austin's "Who's Who"

 Austin's "Who's Who" is a Networking Event for Business Professionals established in 2004 through 2015. Now presently emerging as the premier  organization once again in partnership with PAWfect Protein Bitez for the sake of educational insight and for business to business  for entrepreneurs and like minded professionals who seek assistance with their everyday business lifestyles.

To begin I use a unique approach to networking as it's not about what you do for business instead it's where you come from and therefore your name and where you originally came from (State/Country) is your ice breaker. It's absolutely amazing to watch and hear the similar stories when people of the same region come togather as life is about who you know and not always what you do. Why? Are you going to want to meet YOUR competition and stay away from that person without knowing they could have been your neighbor, cousin or friend from the past?

The purpose of my networking group is to surround you with highly qualified professional business personalities that encompass every type of career. I cater to high potential established career minded people. I want a diversified playing field that brings in the "Best of the Best". If you feel that we can all benefit from someone you know please invite that person.

VIP's if you want me to promote YOU and YOUR business I rely on Facebook, LinkedIn and Constant Contact to get my event & VIP noticed. I have never had speakers at my events as I find them unamusing. Your short bio and contact information is needed and those that are at my gathering will know that you are the VIP as I will have a RockStar pin that signifys that you are the VIP of the night. I will make several introductions for you  and all that I ask of you is not to monopolize someones time as there are many people to be met.

***Im going to put this out here "that my organization is for business purposes, this isn't a soiree. Please refrain from coming to this event if your intentions are to find a trophy wife or date as I know and educate those people about the bait and switch tactics routine and you will not be invited back if that is your goal as I do not want deception to be apart of this organization."***

I want you to feel welcome. Allow me to introduce you to others. I have a lot to offer and I'm willing to assist whenever possible to make your business successful. I see myself as a resource, feel free to ask me to help you. I want to make sure that you have benefited from my group, if I do see someone standing by themselves I will either bring you to the group or the group to you.

Lastly I want positive energy to flow through my gatherings. Bring your business cards and expect to meet people who can assist you in your endeavors. However please advise me if anyone who comes to my group makes you feel uncomfortable I want to be the first not the last to know. I want your experience to be a long lasting and I want you to know that I'm looking out for your best interests and input is appreciated.


Austin J. Feldman
Founder / Owner
Established in September 2004



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 Welcome to the Maricopa County Chamber of Commerce.  Our chamber was founded on the principle that it is our job as the County Chamber Of Commerce to help the economic growth and success of our members in every way we can!  Business Members and Organizations just starting or that have been in operation for a while always need a helping hand in brining credibility and consumer trust to their organization as well as helping to market them, send them new leads, clients and customers via chamber projects, networking and our other marketing activities and offering training and other tools to help grow their businesses! 

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